Da Nang shortens the time to granting construction permits to 40 days

TTO – The issuance of detailed regulations on a number of contents of construction permit issuance and the above-mentioned administrative procedure reform solution will save considerable time and costs for organizations, individuals and enterprises. in granting construction permits.

The Department of Construction of Da Nang said that the People’s Committee of Da Nang had just issued a Decision No. 45 detailing some contents about granting construction permits in the city.

This is a major policy of the People’s Committee of Da Nang City in administrative reform towards publicity and transparency, together with specific responsibilities of the units involved in the construction permit.

Decision No. 45 of the Danang People’s Committee specifies the scope of adjustment, subjects of application, and authority to issue construction permits. Documents related to construction permit application documents and responsibilities of units involved in construction permit issuance.

In addition, according to Mr. Vu Quang Hung – Director of Da Nang Department of Construction – to continue the administrative reform in the direction of creating favorable conditions for organizations, individuals and businesses to shorten the time for granting paper. construction permit, the department reported to the City People’s Committee for permission to apply the process of merging administrative procedures to appraise basic design – technical design / construction drawing design – construction permit (3 in 1, for with private capital).

Accordingly, the total implementation time is 40 days, of which the basic design evaluation time is 20 days (41% reduction in comparison with the provisions of Decree 59 of the Government), the appraisal time technical design / construction drawing design 15 days (down 32% of the time compared with the provisions of the Government’s decree) and the time for granting construction permits 5 days (reducing 77% of the time compared to the provisions of the Government) specified in the Construction Law 2014).

“Hopefully, with the promulgation of detailed regulations on some contents of construction permit issuance and the above-mentioned administrative procedure reform solution, it will significantly save time and expenses for organizations and individuals. businesses in granting construction permits “- Mr. Hung said.

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