Da Nang: No license for building construction without fire protection appraisal

Follow the work plan Strengthen the work of fire prevention and fighting in the residential areas of the Prime Minister. Recently, Da Nang has asked the Department of Construction of Da Nang to lead and coordinate with the City Police and related departments, agencies to research and apply relevant regulations and standards on fire protection for houses and suitable works, especially in advising and proposing the City People’s Committee to plan and grant construction permits for construction projects, residential areas, apartments …
Accordingly, Da Nang will not propose to approve the planning, or to grant construction permits for projects, works without ensuring the safety conditions on fire prevention and fighting. Strengthening inspection of construction permits and construction quality, especially high-rise buildings in residential areas and apartment buildings. Strictly handle unlicensed services business.
Besides, reviewing and checking projects and constructions, strengthening inspection, checking construction, inspecting construction permit and work quality, especially are high-rise buildings and condominiums in order to prevent and strictly handle violations and fail to test and accept construction works projects in contravention of regulations.
Will handle cases that do not ensure the safety and fire safety conditions for the types of converted houses with residential, production, business, warehouse and scrap collection activities.
At the same time, direct districts to review, evaluate and classify dangerous levels of facilities in residential areas, roads, fire hydrants, electrical networks in residential areas. focal areas, residential areas at risk of fire and explosion in the management area. In order to immediately implement solutions and measures to ensure fire safety in residential areas and take responsibility when fire and explosion occur in the management area.

Guide FPF work for people in high-rise housing areas

Consolidating, building new, maintaining the operation of the civil defense forces, ensuring the regime of allowances, means and fire fighting instruments according to regulations, it must be determined that this is the key force in the fire prevention and fighting on the spot. . Investing in fire-fighting costumes of the civil defense forces, grassroots fire prevention and fighting forces and specialized fire fighting forces.
Promulgate documents assigning specific tasks to the civil defense forces, the militia and self-defense force in coordinating with the civil defense forces to ensure the safety of fire prevention and fighting in the locality.
Deploy professional training for on-site firefighting forces, study and practice fire fighting plans. Every year 100% of residential areas must organize the practice of fire fighting by themselves. For residential areas with high fire and explosion dangers, it is necessary to coordinate with the fire prevention and fighting police force and the public security forces in organizing the plan of mobilizing many forces, once a year.
Reviewing the entire planning of residential areas and urban centers, the planning of clearance and compensation for urban embellishment in the localities under their management, based on which there are measures and solutions to limit the risk of fire and explosion. Pay special attention to the conditions of traffic, water sources for fire fighting. Reviewing and supplementing water supply points for fire engines; building fire hydrants in masterpieces, alleys in urban areas are places where fire engines are inaccessible.
In addition, it is necessary to completely solve the extension of appropriation of common walkways, build landmarks, erect barriers to obstruct means of transport on roads leading into residential areas, fishing lines and electricity lines not up to regulations. specified.
In the process of approving and granting permits for construction and renovation of detached houses and adjacent houses on the side of the street, the planning issue must pay attention to safety conditions. FIREFIGHTING. Controlling the implementation of housing construction permits strictly according to regulations.
Direct People’s Committees of communes and wards to immediately implement solutions and measures to ensure fire prevention and fighting, focus on practicing fire fighting and CNCH plans in residential areas. Raise awareness of the importance of ensuring fire safety in residential areas for governments at all levels, departments, agencies, and the masses.
District leaders must be responsible for state management of fire prevention and fighting for residential areas and facilities under their management. When a fire, explosion, accident or incident occurs in a residential area, the fire fighting forces must be gathered in time to promptly overcome the consequences.

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