Da Nang started to build ‘Asia-class city

After being given general orientation by the Politburo for development in the next 25 years, Da Nang City is urgently concreting the resolution with the goal of “a livable coastal city of Asia level”.
Urgently developing policies for each industry
Today (February 20), the Party Committee of Danang People’s Committee will meet to hear reports on the action plan, the implementation plan as well as the draft special mechanism project under Resolution No. 43 NQ / TW (referred to as Resolution 43) on building and developing the city until 2030, with a vision to 2045.
Earlier, at a meeting with related departments and agencies of Da Nang City on the afternoon of February 18, the leadership of Da Nang City People’s Committee instructed units to urgently make proposals on specific specific mechanisms. to each sector, each field … to the end of March to report to the Executive Committee of Da Nang City Party Committee.
According to Mr. Tran Phuoc Son, Director of Department of Planning and Investment of Da Nang City, sectors need to develop a specific plan, then Department of Planning and Investment of Da Nang City will summarize and build an outline project. . “First, the National Assembly must pass a resolution specifically for Da Nang, whereby the Department of Justice of Da Nang City needs to advise on this,” Son said.
Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of Department of Information and Communications, said that for the industry, in Resolution 43 mentioned the construction of smart cities, so it is necessary to clarify the construction of smart cities and the role for city ​​environment. These two types of cities are not tied together, so it is important to clarify the relationship. According to Mr. Ho Ky Minh, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Da Nang City, not only the information industry, in order to implement Resolution 43, the sectors must propose their own specific programs and policies and what should be done to develop them. declaration of resolutions.
With a unique mechanism, Da Nang is expected to become a class city in Asia
Accordingly, on the basis of the proposal, DPI will conduct capital allocation. Sharing the same view, Mr. Nguyen Thuong, Deputy Director of the Department of Home Affairs, said that regarding the organization of urban government, in implementing the Resolution 43 of the interior industry, it is necessary to have a payroll mechanism according to working results to retain personnel.
In order to implement Resolution 43, Da Nang City has set up an assistant team led by Mr. Ho Ky Minh as the team leader, and Mr. Tran Phuoc Son as the deputy team leader. Anticipating the implementation process, there will be many problems that need to be solved in time (because this is a new job), so Deputy Director of the Department of Justice Ta Tu Binh was asked to join as a deputy leader, while leaders of the departments join member. The task force will provide specific mechanisms on each field and work with experts, connecting with ministries and sectors.
Excited about having a specific mechanism
Mr. Ho Ky Minh, Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee, emphasized that the leaders of the departments participating in the implementation of Resolution 43 must be “transparent” with no change in people to avoid disturbance and those who are slow to start will suffer. Responsible to leaders of Da Nang City. “Before 10.3, the draft documents must be completed to report to the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee so it is very urgent”, Mr. Minh said.
According to Mr. Bui Van Tieng, Chairman of the Da Nang City Association of Historical Sciences, the specific local mechanism is often the most expected content in resolutions such as Resolution 33 15 years ago, or like the current Resolution 43.
Mr. Tieng said that it is no coincidence that many Da Nang people … were anxious to read the specific mechanisms and policies in Resolution 43 and were excited to see that the resolution stated: “The Politburo agreed with the policy. specific mechanisms and policies are needed to build and develop Da Nang City, creating a driving force for the development of the Central region – Central Highlands and the whole country “.
Mr. Tieng expressed his satisfaction with the two specific mechanisms that the 12th Politburo for Da Nang this time, namely: agreeing to the policy of piloting the construction of a uniform port management agency model in Da Nang. towards advanced, effective, consistent with international practices; develop and implement a pilot project of urban government model in accordance with the development requirements of the city and the provisions of law.
“These two mechanisms are in the” new, complex but urgent “work group for the pilot. I think Danang is fully qualified to successfully pilot these two mechanisms. I also like it very much when Resolution 43 requires the specific participation of central agencies. ”, Mr. Vo.
Compared with the Resolution 33 issued in 2003, according to Mr. Tieng, the Politburo had a more comprehensive direction when asking provincial and municipal Party committees throughout the country, especially provincial Party Committees and regional party committees. The Central – Highlands region actively builds and strengthens the relationship of cooperation and cooperation with Da Nang, creating a unified economic space to promote the development of the Central Vietnam Central Highlands economic region.

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