about us

Minh Son Works Construction Joint Stock Company was established on July 4, 2002, with the following business lines: Infrastructure construction, transport and irrigation; Producing construction materials – Concrete centrifugal drainage pipes; Investment in real estate business; Office for rent; …
Since its establishment until now, the Company has been constructing many medium and large-scale projects in all areas of Quang Nam province such as: Tan Thanh New Quarter – Tam Ky City; 2A Dien Ngoc new residential area project; Residential area 1 Dien Duong, Dien Ban town … The works were handed over and put into use, the investor rated high quality.
With a team of leading and dynamic managerial and creative officials; Technical staff with professional qualifications, workforce of skilled technical workers along with modern and synchronous equipment, our company always creates quality projects and ensures progress.
To take the initiative in construction and meet the construction schedule, the Company has invested in building 2 centrifugal concrete pipe factories in Truong Xuan – Tam Ky Industrial Park and An Luu – Dien Ban Industrial Park. The annual output of these two plants is over 95,000m of tubes of all kinds. Our centrifugal concrete pipe products, in addition to ensuring the supply for the projects undertaken by the company, also provide for other infrastructure construction projects in Quang Nam, Da Nang, Quang Ngai and has been highly appreciated by the investors for the quality and progress of goods supply.
Since 2009, the Company has started to invest in constructing infrastructure of some urban areas and exploiting land fund of Block 3 Vinh Dien Residential Area – Dien Ban Town; Resettlement area of ​​Traffic Police School in Thang Binh district. These projects have been handed over to use, bringing high efficiency for local economic development. Currently, the Company is implementing the project of Block 7 Vinh Dien Residential Area and Dien Minh Urban Residential Area – in Dien Ban Town. Expected to start operating the project in early 2021.
With the growing city of Danang, the demand for office space in the city is huge, the Company has invested in 2 office buildings for rent, which is Sunrise Building at 25/9 Street and 2/9 and Sunrise Building 2 at 10 Ngo Gia Tu, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city. With a convenient location in the city center, modern interior equipment, public utilities to meet the high-end needs of customers’ offices for rent.
With the motto of “cooperation for mutual development”, we are always looking forward to working with our customers, the units you collaborate more and more deeply to create more and more good products and services with high quality, contribute to the development and modernization of the country.
Respectfully greet!