Da Nang restricts the construction of high-rise buildings in the central area

“Restricting the development of high-rise architecture in existing residential areas, on roads of less than 20m in width, limiting the construction of high-rise apartments in existing residential areas, in land areas smaller than 1,200 m2 ”.

It is one of the remarkable contents in Official Letter 10178 / SXD-QHKT signed by Mr. Vu Quang Hung – Director of Da Nang Department of Construction, who is sending to relevant departments / agencies, agencies, investors, private units. consulting on architectural design of guidelines and regulations related to the management of construction of high-rise buildings in the city.

In Da Nang area, over the past time, a lot of illegal and unlicensed projects and constructions were discovered and dealt with. Facing this situation, the City People’s Committee has taken actions to prevent and manage construction such as issuing regulations on direct responsibility for management units. Specifically, presidents of People’s Committees of wards, communes, districts and construction workers must take full responsibility for violations of construction orders occurring in areas under their management.

Previously, the areas without detailed planning of 1/500 scale and urban design were adjusted according to Decision 47/2012 / QD-UBND dated 12/10/2012 on architectural management regulations. in the city of Da Nang, helping to create a modern urban look for the city.

Some areas in Da Nang City, in existing residential areas, will be restricted to tall buildings.

However, the construction of high-rise buildings may affect urban infrastructure in the future, at the same time, it is widely believed that the above Decision has many contents which are not in compliance with the current laws.

On August 20, 2018, the People’s Committee of Da Nang had a policy to abolish Decision 47/2012 / QD-UBND and not issue a replacement, the current construction management is implemented in accordance with Vietnam Construction Standards. QCXDVN 01: 2008 / BXD of the Ministry of Construction was issued on April 3, 2008 and current construction standards.

Accordingly, Official Letter 10178 / SXD-QHKT states:

– For areas with approved 1/500 detailed planning and approved urban design: relevant agencies, organizations and units based on urban planning and design are allowed approve to carry out basic construction procedures in accordance with regulations.

– For areas with approved detailed planning of 1/500 scale without urban design approved: relevant agencies, organizations and individuals shall manage according to the structure of use planning. The land has been approved, especially for the combination of adjacent land lots, it is only allowed to build up to 9 floors (due to the study of stopping, not licensing construction of high-rise projects, therefore in the area). maximum of 8 districts in Hai Chau and Thanh Khe).

– For projects and areas agreed upon by the City People’s Committee on architectural and construction criteria, construction management shall continue.

– For areas that have not yet approved the detailed planning of 1/500 scale, the work construction is managed in accordance with the Construction Law (2014), Vietnam Construction Code QCXDVN 01: 2008 / BXD and current standards.

– At Decision 2000 / QD-UBND dated April 2, 2014 of the People’s Committee of Da Nang on the Management Regulation according to the adjustment project of the General Plan of Danang City to 2030, vision to 2050, in which: building high-rise architecture in existing residential areas, on roads of less than 20m in width, limiting the construction of high-rise apartments in existing residential areas, in areas smaller than 1,200m2 ” .

Thus, for land plots with an area of ​​1,200m2 or more, based on the proposal of the investor, the City People’s Committee will consider each specific case depending on the general planning, zoning planning and regulations. construction, land use purpose and conditions of social infrastructure, technical infrastructure in the area to allow detailed planning to submit for approval before taking the next steps in accordance with regulations./.

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