Da Nang calls for cooperation to build a smart city

Da Nang aims to build a smart city through the application of information technology (IT) and industry 4.0 achievements in all areas of socio-economic life, creating motivation and contributing. promote sustainable development. To do that, Da Nang needs the cooperation of the business community at home and abroad.

Urgent construction of a smart city

Sharing at the 2018 ASEAN Trade and Investment Summit (ABIS) opening in Singapore on November 12, Da Nang People’s Council Chairman Nguyen Nho Trung said, with a population of more than 95 million people (the second largest (14) in the world), the economy has grown an average of 6 – 7% per year and the emergence of a middle class in recent years, Vietnam is considered a potential market. for businesses of ASEAN and the world.

Da Nang calls for cooperation to build a smart city

For Danang, Mr. Nguyen Nho Trung affirmed that the city plays a role as a growth engine of the Central key economic region. Therefore, Da Nang has been at the forefront of synchronous development of infrastructure, creating a seamless connection for the Central – Central Highlands region with the region and the world. The city also has many advantages in attracting investment such as strategic geographical location, modern infrastructure, abundant human resources, well trained, friendly investment environment.

“Da Nang aims to build a smart city through the application of IT and industry 4.0 achievements in all areas of socio-economic life, creating motivation and contributing to development. sustainable orientation. Da Nang has also coordinated with the consultant team to build the “Smart City Construction Project” and put into operation the City Electronic Information System from 2014 “- Mr. Nguyen Nho Trung said.

Managing Director of the National Development Center of Singapore’s National Development Department Mr. Khoo Teng Chye, chaired the discussion: “Da Nang is one of the fastest growing cities in Vietnam and one of 26 affiliated cities. ASEAN Smart Cities Network (ASCN). Building a vision to develop Danang into a livable and sustainable city, facing challenges as well as a strategic roadmap for building a Smart City is an urgent requirement in the current period. ” .

Inviting investment

In 2012, Da Nang cooperated with senior consultant teams to formulate the “Smart City Construction Project” with the first steps in the project’s construction roadmap and achieved some achievements. Head on planning, ICT platform, including building connecting infrastructure, databases, human resources …

Da Nang deployed to build a smart city in 17 priority areas of 6 main pillars: Administration, economy, environment, life, citizens and transportation in 3 phases. The application models of Smart City serve the administration, operation and access to information of 3 main subjects: people, authorities and businesses.

Da Nang is currently cooperating with the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), Sakae Holdings Company, Surbana Jurong Group to deploy a consultancy package on the city’s general planning, including integrated construction consultancy “City. smart ”to contribute to the development of Da Nang into a livable and sustainable city.

According to Mr. Nguyen Nho Trung, the project “Smart City” in Danang has made many breakthroughs. However, there are still many challenges in the context of Vietnam’s economy size is still low, the domestic industrial potential is not commensurate with the development of advanced technology solutions compared to the above countries. world. Da Nang has well implemented its data connection and storage function. However, the analytical processing, decision support and control functions are not synchronized and effective; not ensuring the connectivity and inter-region of data sharing and connection.

Therefore, through ABIS 2018, Da Nang wishes to seek new cooperation opportunities, learn the experience of transforming from traditional management city into a new model to create valuable solutions. New, creating necessary premises for the city to continue developing better throughout the following periods.

“Da Nang city calls on domestic and foreign business community to research and invest in information technology development projects such as upgrading urban networks (MAN), wireless networks, sensor systems and solutions. software solutions to handle big data packages in the fields of health management, education, transportation, environment, food … “- Mr. Nguyen Nho Trung shared.

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